100% Debt Finance

100% of Project Funds provided as pure debt finance.

No equity requirement from lender

5% interest rate

Funding occurs within 60 - 90 days

Non Recourse

Minimum $10M

In excess of $85 Billion USD is used as collateral in the form of US Treasury Bonds, Gems, High Value Property etc. This is allocted to the project, monetised, leveraged and traded. The profits from the trading activities are released to the project as debt. Typical terms are 5% interest over 10-15 years with a grace period as required.


1. Collateral procurement and placement. Formal credit line agreements will be issued and the monetisation of these to commence trading and profit flows.

2. Documentation review, financial modelling review, bankable elements review and implementation. We will cover and review each of the various sub projects and we can deal with elements within the project finance structures that will need attention or additional documentation.

3. Formal loan and security agreement (LSA) to follow within 2 weeks based on the agreement term sheet already accepted. Once this has been issued, we can discuss and explain all the terms and conditions, potential discussions on some points, and commence to formal execution. A structured Insurance wrap provided via Lloyds of London to cover the risks on the project funding will also be put into place as will focus on the protection of both the funder and the funding recipient.

4. Once the LSA has been executed, we can finalise all peripheral documentation and preparations / procedures for the capital drawdowns, and final discussions and timing of cash flows relative to capital requirements on the project development levels.

5. Capital drawdowns to commence thereafter as per indicative term sheet timelines and satisfactory discussions and implementation of above points.

6. Project commissioning, promissory notes / debenture issued in favour of Funder, collateral cessions, final documentation.

7. Monitoring and Evaluation procedures to follow during term of loan, repayment holidays monitored, advisory work and project development support where needed.

8. Commencement of loan repayments.

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