$25M Minimum Bond Raise

100% Underwritten Bond available for projects in excess of $25M requirement.

One of the solutions we offer provides 100% funding for projects utilising a bond raise and is a method of funding that we consider to be unique as the purchase of the Bond is 100% underwritten.

100% Loan to Value funding is available for projects that match the pre-requisites and although preference will be given to projects of a green, renewable energy nature, ALL major project finance applications will be considered.

100% Financing. Pure debt finance

Project finance with a minimum of $25M requirement for virtually all industries worldwide. 100% of project funds provided as pure debt with typical terms being 5% – 6% interest over 10 – 15 years. Funding occurs 4 to 6 weeks after legal commitment.

High Yield Investment Program

High Value Bonds, Bank Insturments, Gold, Diamonds, Pictures, Properties etc can be utilised to generate signifcant free and clear returns without risk to the Asset. The Asset is fully insurance “wrapped”, a credit line secured against it and monetised. Funds are entered into risk free instantaneous trading.